Why trail running? 


-You always wanted to go out to the Santa Monica Mountains but never knew which trails to take.


-You want to take your running to the next level by challenging yourself with serious hills.


-You are stuck in a running rut and are tired of running circles around your neighborhood, or on the same, boring beach path.


-You want to reconnect with the refreshing splendor of nature.


-You want to be part of a team and held accountable with a strategic training plan, personalized just for your goals.


-You love to run but you can feel the toll that road running has been taking on your body, and you have heard that trail running is much gentler on the joints and your body.


-You want to run a marathon or an ultra marathon and just don't know where to start.


-You have a healthy sense of adventure, and a curiosity to try something new, from a different perspective.


-The blatant undisputed truth that trail runners are bad asses and you want in on that club!