Trail Broncos


Take part in a 15 week training course that will prepare you for your first marathon, first 50k, or just have you out in the beautiful Santa Monica Mountains exploring trails you didn't know existed.  Learn about the gear you will need.  Slowly build up your mileage to reach your goals.  Practice will be held on Saturdays and most Sundays on the trails.*  There will also be fun runs during the week on the roads.  Coach Freddy will be guiding the runs and marking the courses.  He will also be providing you with information you will need for the trail run that week.   We will have discount codes for some products and samples of some healthy foods.


The first practice run will be on the morning of December 10, 2016.   For more information and application please email: 


Visiting LA?  15 weeks is too much of a commitment?  Just want to learn a few new trails?  1 on 1 coaching is available as well!


*Sunday run program will depend on the goal you want to reach.

Take part in some amazing races.

There is no shortage of trail races in Los Angeles.  Showing up to one without training on trails makes it much much harder.  But running with us will have you feeling like a pro when you get to the start line. 

Witness LA from a different vantage point

A sunset is an amazing thing.  I'm not here to argue that they can't be magical, but a sunrise is truly underrated.  Come out and experience LA as it is waking up.

Make connections with people.

There is a commaraderie that comes with trail running.  You respect each other knowing that it isn't easy to be out there.  You watch out for each other knowing that if you needed help that a fellow trail runner would be there for you.