About Freddy Luis aka Bronco

It all started with one simple goal: Be as strong as his father.  (Watching his Father battle lung cancer brought to light a desire and drive to fulfill a long time dream of running a marathon.  If his Dad could endure and brave the insurmountable fight for his health, then Freddy could certainly start training.) Freddy watched his father battle lung cancer and his “far fetched dream” of maybe running a marathon one day became more attainable.  Sure he had never really run more than 4 miles at the time.  The strength his father showed in that fight awoke something in him and he ran the LA Marathon in 2010 with a finishing time of 5 hours 42 minutes and 29 seconds (14,118th place out of 22,448).  
During that marathon he thought he would never do one again, but that defeatist notion did a complete "180" a few days after that race.  He thought:  "Maybe I can do better.  Maybe I can run faster".  Once he discovered the joys of trail running in combination with a healthy diet, his race times took a dramatic change for the faster.
Freddy Luis' LA Marathon 2015 time was 3 hours 47 minutes and 36 seconds (1528th place out of 21,940). He feels that trails have influenced his life in a vastly positive way and he can’t get enough of them.  Since 2010, he has now completed 13 marathons and 5 ultra marathons (2 of those being 50 mile races).  


Freddy now has a powerful passion for running, especially the primal, natural, and challenging aspects of trail running.  His days are planned around his scheduled runs, and that sacred time is both personal and professional release. This same passion ignited yet another one, and that is to share his knowledge with others.  Nothing makes him happier than helping new runners achieve their personal challenging goals.  He knows how daunting they might seem at first, but through encouraging commitment, the payoff of achievement and pride in completion will be realized, conquering extreme races.